Singapore’s Chinatown and Orchard Road are Mind Boggling

If there is any country that tops in the list of exciting shopping offers, that is definitely Singapore.  Singapore is just amazing fun. From adventure to fun to food, this country is just damn good to provide you some of the exciting deals that you hardly get anywhere.  The buildings are unique. Marina Bay Sands, The Cathay, Capital Tower are just to name a few. No matter how many times you visit, you will never be satisfied by the charm and magnetism that Singapore have.  There are many things to buy in Singapore. From budget shopping to shop things of top brands, from free fun to paid adventures, this country welcomes everyone with open arms. Try to visit this exciting country once in your lifetime and we assure that you will be enchanted by the glitz and glamor that this amazing country have.  

Get yourself draped in the colors of Chinatown

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Chinatown in Singapore has an ethnic population of the Chinese.  This place, consisting of four different areas, is a must visit place when you buy things in Singapore.  The Peranakan houses present here in dazzling colors make you to experience the rich architecture, cuisine, and traditions known as Katong home.  The culinary choices in this area drives everyone to savor the taste of Chinatown. You can transform yourself making yourself a true beauty by buying a kebaya dress in Chinatown.  Sarongs are also popular. Temples such as Thian Hock Keng signifying Hokkien architecture, Sri Mariamman Temple, and James mosque make this place as one of the best places where you can buy things in Singapore.  

Orchard Road

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The road is entirely dominated by shopping centres and stalls.  It is a must visit road if you are in Singapore. The shopping malls present offer a wide variety of shopping and you can never return without buying anything.  The place has twenty-two malls and six shopping centres and you can gladly satisfy your will of shopping in Singapore. The Mandarin Gallery mall has the collection of some of the best international designers and personalized tailors.  The mall is compact having full with high-end merchandise. Accessories and international fashion makes this place one of the best places where you can buy things in Singapore. There are many things to buy in Singapore and the malls on Orchard Road can offer you amazing things.   

Bugis Street Market

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The market is one of the best and biggest markets in Singapore.  You can find almost anything from trendy cafes to fine dining restaurants, from the cheapest item to a damn cost thing.  Many of the small shops offer you souvenirs starting from $1, a good pair of jeans may cost you around $10, get sunglasses and hats starting from $2.  In the hustle and bustle of Bugis Street, you can shop really amazing things and make your trip a complete unique experience. Include this market in your list of things to buy in Singapore.    

Little India Arcade

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With facades draped in variety of colors, the Little India Arcade is a must visit place in Singapore.  This little India having an Indian touch is just amazing. You can find Indian clothes, cuisine, homewares, and of course, the love of India.  Indian sweet shops and incense add up to its charm. Amazing fashion jewelry in low prices are some of the things to buy in Singapore.

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