Different Shoes Available in India To Suit Your Style

The personality of a boy gets a big impact by the type of shoes that he wears. For this, there are different choices of shoes for boys which are available in India that you must choose wisely, or you will end up looking like an idiot.

For this purpose, we will help you decide which shoe can be perfect for your attire.

Casual shoes

shoes for boys

These shoes are normally worn, that you can wear while you are going for shopping, going to meet a friend in another colony, or going for some other casual work, then this shoe is suitable.

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Formal shoes

Formal shoes

As the name suggests, these shoes for boys are recommended when you are going for any occasion that has a formal gathering, or a formal environment. Say your office, an interview, for school, college, or whenever you are wearing other formal pairs like pant and shirt, you should wear a formal shoe with it.

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Sports shoes

shoes for boys

These shoes are worn for purposes like running on the ground, playing an outdoor physical game like cricket, football, etc. Whenever there is an intense outdoor physical activity involved, this shoe is advised to be worn. These shoes protect your legs from getting hurt while you perform any outdoor activity by providing you a comfortable feel.

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Loafers offer you a formal like look but without laces. So, these look a bit unique and great in their own way. These can be comfortable for some because some people don’t prefer laces in their shoes. They feel laces are messy to deal with, while these shoes also provide more of a clean look.

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Ethnic wear

shoes for boys

These shoes for boys are of a very special type, that are often preferred in the events like marriage, festivals, or in traditional programs held especially in India.

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Safety shoes

shoes for boys

Safety shoes are more of a durable pair of shoes that are preferred when you participate in an activity, where you need a very good grip over the ground. Say hiking over the hill, or an ice mountain. For these places, normal shoes do not perform well. So, safety shoes can help a lot in such situations.

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