Explore The Wonders Of Dubai To The Full With Dubai Tourism

Planning a travel to Dubai?  Don’t plan unless you are sure to visit some of the tourist places in Dubai.  To make your itinerary breathtaking, we have come with some of the tourist places.  Dubai tourism is absolutely stunning.  You can plan a tour of Dubai and explore it to the full by booking any of the best Dubai tour packages.  On reaching Dubai, you can book a Dubai city tour. Dubai has some of the best buildings like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Emirates Towers, Deira Clock Towers, and many more.  Kids need not disappoint as there are some of the best water parks with a unique blend of fun and amazement. There are many tour packages available, but the best you will get only in Dubai.  Look into some of the places that are meant to make your Dubai tourism great in all aspects.  

Places to have fun on Dubai Tourism

Dubai is a place for such people that want to visit a modern and yet cultural place. You should take a tour of this country for experiencing the best shopping time, and one of the greatest places for tourism. Dubai indeed has some of the places that people fall in love with for the beauty of them. Also, the people of Dubai are crazy about fashionable things so you would be able to find some really fascinating things in Dubai.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Dubai tourism

This waterpark is a part of the Atlantis The Palm resort.  It has some of the unique water rides with a lot of water and fun.  Fit for all ages, this waterpark has attractions like career down corkscrew chutes, ride through shark tunnels, the new Splasher’s Island, The Lost Chambers, and the Atlantis-themed aquarium.  You also get an opportunity to get close to rays, dolphins, and some of the unique fishes. The experience that you get by feeding cownose ray is absolutely amazing. You can also choose to explore underwater world by going on Atlantis Shark safari putting on a specialized helmet and discovering sharks, rays, and colorful fishes.   

Mall of the Emirates

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Being one of the best places for doing your shopping, you must check out the Dubai mall that is just too massive for the shopping of a person. So, you have to take care of the things that we tell you about this Dubai tourism. A person here at this mall would find almost everything to buy. From shopping to food areas, there are indeed enough of the places that you should check at this place.

With so much to do in a mall, one can never go unsatisfied.  This mall is all in one in itself. One can just visit this mall and get an experience which is just as amazing as visiting an amazing city which has many things to offer.  You need not to go to the Southern Hemisphere to go live with penguins. You can have close and personal interaction with these lovely creatures inside this mall. With private lessons of ski school, you can ski better than a beginner.  With shopping, dining, entertainment, and events, this mall is just a hit. Vox cinemas in this mall offer a true movie watching experience and with events focussed on environment and fashion, this mall is just worthy for your visit. Include a visit to this mall in your Dubai tourism.   

Dubai Aquarium

Dubai tourism

Dubai Aquarium is also a spectacular place to visit to see the view of underwater. You would have a totally different experience visiting this beautiful place. Another mind-blowing thing about this aquarium of Dubai is that it is located inside a mall. You can visit this amazing place and spend hours of your day just looking at how beautiful the place actually is. We suggest you that Dubai tourism would be incomplete for you if you miss visiting this beautiful place.

The aquarium offers an underwater aquatic zoo fit for all ages.  You have to believe that this is an experience that you need to have once in your lifetime.  One of the world’s largest aquariums and home to over 33,000 aquatic animals, this place has varied activities like the underwater zoo, glass bottom boat tours, cage snorkeling, and shark diving.  Explore this underwater zoo in its fullest with Dubai tourism.  


Dubai tourismDubai tourism can be incomplete if someone misses visiting this old part of Dubai. The place is just an awesome tourism area that almost all of the people enjoy. This is a place that was built for the Persian merchants that used to reside at this place. But, now it is more of a tourist attraction place. The place is very unique and yet historical so you would enjoy going to this place and knowing about the history of the place. At this place, you would find many wind towers and beautiful alleys to roam around the place.

Dubai Creek

Dubai tourismDubai Creek is a heritage village which is a place to go to and enjoy the great markets of the place and many gold souks of the place. A person would surely enjoy the amazing markets located at this place and indeed the tourism places here. Another great part of the place is that you would always get some amount of discount on your shopping no matter when you visit this place. The place is a known market area and sellers are always delighted to provide you with great things at nice prices. The place is also one of the best Dubai tourism areas that people love to go to.

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