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American Tourister bags are known as some of the best bags in the world. They offer very sturdy material and top-quality bags. Even after years of use of these bags, they will still look like new. You will never be disappointed by buying these bags. The wheels of these bags feel just free to move around and a strong handle with telescopic expansion. You will get a great feel of fabric design of these bags that is stylish and durable at the same time. In short, you can call it value for money.

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American Tourister 32 Ltrs Casual Backpack

32 Ltrs

An amazing American Tourister backpack with water resistance and laptop carrying compatibility. Also, you have one year of warranty, and most importantly the brand name that is known for making bags that last long. It has a space capacity of 32 liters so, apart from being very long-lasting, it is spacy too. Mesh pockets are also given on both sides of the bag. The material that this bag is made of is polyester.

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American Tourister 27 Lts black casual backpack (55% off)

American Tourister Bag


All the American Tourister bags offer you great quality products, and this great bag also has the same offerings as the above one but this is coming with a smaller size of 27 liters instead of 32 liters. With same one-year warranty, polyester made, 3 different compartments with one extra pocket in front to keep your stuff safer and well organised. With 2 bottle holders and the only difference is that this bag is not coming with the compatibility of keeping laptops in it. So, it might not impress the people who carry laptops, but this can be suitable for school students.

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American Tourister 29.5 Lts Teal Casual Backpack (50% off)

American Tourister Bag

If you want a bit bigger backpack than the above one, then this should be your choice to buy. This also comes with water resistance, comfortable straps that are adjustable like the other ones above. With regular 2 mesh pockets on both sides of the bag to provide you to put your bottle or sippers in it. And 1-year warranty to make you feel safe about the quality of American Tourister bags.

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American Tourister Polyester 28 Ltrs backpack (56% off)

American Tourister Bag

This is an amazing blue shade backpack to suit the tastes and preferences of techie people. Surely, this bag has a laptop compatibility that even with great design. Made of polyester, 28 ltrs of space, 3 compartments, you can place a 17-inch laptop inside of this bag. Isn’t that enough? It also has air groove plus back padding for a comfortable carrying experience of this bag. It also has tractum suspension straps to avoid any load on your shoulders. We can surely say this is one of the best American Tourister bags in this list.

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American Tourister 21 Ltrs Laptop backpack (65% off)

American Tourister Bag

Not everyone would be looking for a big backpack to pack in a lot of stuff, some might prefer a compact bag to keep enough of the things and for them, this bag is perfect with 21 ltrs of capacity. And laptop compatible, with 3 compartments plus 1 front pocket. This bag is also made of polyester and you can put a 15.4-inch laptop inside of this backpack. Fine for normal users and also the 1-year warranty that is available with all the American Tourister bags.

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These were the best American Tourister sale products that American Tourister India has to offer. Wish you happy shopping with this list.

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