Growth of Amazon

If there is an example of an outstanding growth trajectory, it undoubtedly is Amazon. The company has grown into a multi-billion dollar company in a very short span of time. Amazon growth has been quite remarkable in terms of market rate, sales and profit margin as well. As Amazon Prime Day has come and gone, Amazon finds itself sitting on another new record for number of Prime accounts. As more Prime customers jump on the Amazon Echo bandwagon and meet Alexa for themselves, expect the number of new members to exponentially increase.  Just a few years ago, being able to shout your credit card number into the air while you’re doing laundry and then have Tide delivered to your door within the hour seemed like science fiction, but Amazon is making that and other seamless experiences possible today.

Amazon is dedicated to putting customers first. They even go so far as to place an empty chair in every boardroom as a physical representation of the customer. Every product, every marketing decision, and every change to process is evaluated through the eyes of the customer and the rate of Amazon growth has escalated quite quickly due to this very reason. Their focus on customer service has been commendable. As a result, they earn the loyalty, trust, and respect of their customers who feel understood by the brand. Businesses which follow suit can reap those very same benefits.

Growth of Amazon

Being open to creative new ideas helps Amazon consistently innovate and bring new forms of value to its customers. From exploring things like artificial intelligence to drone-aided delivery, the brand is known for its openness to daring new ideas and this very openness has led to a very high rate of Amazon growth. Because the company leaves room for big ideas, the team there has more creative freedom–and this is where truly original and value-driven concepts arise.

Amazon has a corporate culture in which ideas can go from the concept to execution stage quickly–and it’s part of the reason they’re seen as a cutting edge company. The company thrives because they know adaptation is a key to success for the long haul. “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” is not a saying you’ll hear within the world of Amazon. Instead, Amazon constantly works to optimize, improve, and enhance their product so that it’s the best it can be. Their dedication towards providing their customers with the very best of services has made the magnitude of Amazon growth so large, that it has become a big example of corporate success.This is a testament to their dedication to bringing value to customers. Business owners who want to replicate their success can never settle for “good enough.”

Amazon is betting that Alexa and Echo will be the catalysts that drive consumers to interact with and ultimately purchase more with Amazon and Prime than ever before.  The smarter Alexa becomes at knowing your needs, preferences and behaviors, the better she is at delivering a seamless experience. And the better experience she delivers, the more indispensable she will become to consumers’ lives. Amazon growth has escalated quite quickly due to the induction of Alexa and Prime in its toolbox. With Prime, Echo and its ever-broadening Web Service’s business, Amazon is slowly but surely becoming the world leader in delivering on its brand promise: being the “Earth’s biggest selection and being the Earth’s most customer-centric company.”

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