How shopping online is preventing customers to have in-store shopping experience?

Shopping is on the rise day by day and it seems that with the trend in online shopping, the days of in-store shopping will go soon.  E-commerce giants like Amazon, ebay, Walmart, etc. are redefining the experience of shopping.  It would not be an exaggeration if one would say that this is the start of the retail apocalypse.

The massive spread of Amazon, Walmart, Kmart, and the like transformed how the people used to do shopping, and now, with the time, they are setting up a dominant online e-commerce market.  With the launch of online shopping sites, online shopping for women has never been so easy.  Some of the most popular shopping sites like Amazon, ebay, Walmart, offer attractive discounts along with the purchase.  With some additional benefits, they are like the e-commerce moguls.  The reality is that in 2016, online sales of physical goods amounted to $360.3 billion which are projected to rise to $603.4 billion in 2021.  The United States ranks behind several countries when it comes to e-commerce sales as a percentage of total retail sales.  Denmark, South Korea, and the U.K. are ahead of the U.S. in terms of retail e-commerce share.

Most of the online retail sites ask for an on-site registration where the users provide their personal data and payment and shipping details.  The customer can browse from a range of products, add them into their e-shopping cart, and make payment.  For the convenience of customers, there are payment options like cash on delivery, net banking, and the like.  The best thing with online shopping is that they are not bound to any physical location and not regulated by time.

While some boast of a powerful in-store shopping experience, there is no denying that online shopping sites offer many additional benefits.  Today’s generation is much more interested in experiencing something new and hassle-free and the e-commerce websites offer them that.  Their ‘Prime Day Deals’, discounts if payment is done by credit card, specific discount cards, are some of the benefits that an online e-commerce customer gets.

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