How We Guess What You Would Like to Shop

We are always trying to figure out that what type of shopping choices you would like to hear from us. We always try to provide you with all the trending and best quality product deals which are available that you can buy through us.

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Here we are going to tell you ways how we figure out which choices would suit you.

Market Research

Performing a market research allows us to know that how much a product is being demanded by the public and how much supply for that particular is available. With this, we provide you with great coupons and discounts that are available on those products. And at the end of this research, you are offered with the best shopping deals from us on the products that are trending in the market.  

Best Deals

We know that you will always love the products which are available in best price. And we make sure that we be the only who offer you the best deals in the market. We are always committed to grabbing the shopping deals which are available at the best discounts and with best coupons.

Analyzing the Customers

We analyze our customers also. As the end user of the product is customer always. So, we analyze the needs and preferences of our customers first. It is very important to know whether the deals that we are offering are relevant to the customers or not. E.g. if we are having more customers that love fashion shopping deals then we would bring more of the fashion deals on our website, in the same way, if customers are looking for branded products on best discounts then we would try our best to bring more and more discount offers to you on branded products.

Putting Ourselves in The Shoes of Customers

Putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers is an important way of knowing the choices of the customers. This is very important because we must understand that how our customers think, how much they like our services, and what are some other things that we should keep in mind in the future.


Feedback is a very powerful tool that is recommended by the best sellers in the shopping world and we also take feedback from our customers about how was their experience of buying best deals from us.

Meeting the customers

We occasionally find time to meet our potential customers and ask them about what type of deals and products do they want from us. Like all of the above ways, this way is equally important.


Sometimes, we also provide you with the deals and offers that are not even trending in the market, but we believe you may still like these shopping deals offered by us.

Resolving the Problems in our strategies

Sometimes resolving our own mistakes helps us to understand our customers better. And this can also be a very important trick to know that what our customers want.

About coupontop10

Coupontop10 was founded by a bunch of mavericks who were determined to do their bit in the field of coupons.  They tried their best and today coupontop10 is one of the growing coupon companies determined to reciprocate the buying of customers.  In every endeavor, they are trying to make large the life of customers, through accomplishing their wills, providing them discounts and cashback.

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