How to wear a new leather jacket – best leather jacket brands and different ways to wear them

The jacket is one of the most desired attires that involve a sense of à la mode.  There are many kinds of jackets available in bazaar; some are only meant for fashion while others have, both, a sense of vogue and protection.  Most of us find ourselves unaware of the styles that are there in the market, but those who are familiar with the variety of jackets know the technology and what and when to wear.  Do not go with the flow.  If you are about to buy any jacket then you can pick from the jackets given below:

Leather Jacket

If you want something that is distinct and can make you dishier then this is the jacket that you can go for.  One of the most prominent jackets that can impart a look that is cool and harsh at the same time.  The jackets should always be in contrast to the denim that you wear and is necessary if you wear corduroy.


Most of the men find overcoats less attractive, but many believe that an overcoat can give one such a look that cannot be attained by any other coat or jacket.  The overcoat is a type of jacket that is usually worn in cold.  The jacket provides you class as well as acts as a shield to protect you from cold.  No jacket is similar when it comes to wearing an overcoat.

Duffel coat

This is a coat that is made from duffel which is a kind of woolen material.  Its name is derived from a town in Belgium named Duffel.   It is generally a kind of coat that is stereotyped of being a classic campus wear and used to be worn by military professionals, but with the time these kinds of coats became popular among the intelligentsia of Europe.

Barbour Jacket

The jacket was designed in England and is usually a wet weather gear.  With the launch, the fashion quickly spread across Europe and North America.  The fabric that is used to make this jacket is of a quality that is hydrophobic in nature and thus waterproof making it an alfresco attire along with a sense of mode.


This is a kind of jacket that is not usually preferred by most of the fashionistas.  It was used in the times of the Second World War, but if one is fine with the style that this jacket imparts then this jacket is an ideal choice.  The good thing about this jacket is that it imparts a vintage look inspired from timeless fashion and is worthy enough to find a place in your wardrobe.

Sports Jacket 

This is a very common type of jacket that everybody knows what style to wear.  This is a must-have jacket that can elevate the casual look along with appealing charm.  This jacket can make any informal attire more attractive and flashy.  These jackets are available in a variety of colors and patterns and you will not find any problem in choosing one of the same.

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