Let ‘Uber eats’ care for your hunger. Bon Appétit!

From the gut comes the strut, and where the hunger reigns, strength abstains’- François Rabelais. 

If you are hungry and feeling blue about the delivery of food, we are sure that you haven’t tried the delivery offered by ‘Uber eats’.  Order your food hassle-free with rocket-like delivery.

How to order food on ‘Uber eats’?

Uber eats

‘Uber eats’ is a new food delivery platform that makes the delivery of great foods from your local restaurants fast and easy.  The delivery of your food is now at your fingertips.  To order food from your local favorite top restaurants you just need to download the app, add your delivery address, and -here you go- choose from the full menu of best restaurants and place your order.  In order to deliver the food to you quickly and constantly.  ‘Uber eats’ charges you a bit little on your delivery to meet the expenses suffered by the delivery partner and suffer operational costs.  ‘Uber eats’ offers different meals at varying prices and the prices and offers on the website and app may differ from prices and offers in the restaurants.

What if you have food allergies and want to customize your order?

Most of the meals that you order through ‘Uber eats’ let you to customize your order.  You are able to add special instructions to let restaurants know about any modifications you may need.  Just place your order as you want it to be.

Uber eats

What if you have a problem with your order?

You just need to place your order as you want it to be.  Your delivery partner will deliver your order right to your door or at the place where it is easy for you to walk and take your delivery.  We take every possible measure that you do not encounter any problem, but in the case you suffer any problem with your order or delivery, you just need to contact ‘Uber eats’ support team by selecting the option on the app, and ‘Uber eats’ will take care of your problem.

What about the use of promo codes and credits?

To provide you with discounts on the delivery of food and for the purpose of marketing, ‘Uber eats’ offer special promotions.  To avail the benefits of promo code you need to add the recent promo code and the same is applied to your current or next order.  To find the ‘Uber eats’ promo code, you need to open the app, tap the profile icon on the bottom right, and tap on ‘free food.’   To add a promo code to an order, add the promo code at the bottom of the checkout screen.  For adding promo code into your account-

  1. Tap the profile icon at the bottom of the main screen.
  2. Tap ‘Promotions’
  3. Tap ‘Enter Promo Code’
  4. Enter the code and tap ‘Apply’

You can also apply Uber credits to any of your orders.  All you need to do is tap ‘CREDITS’ next to your account’s payment method at checkout.  You will be redirected to your payments profile where you can use the toggle to apply Uber credits to future orders.

Uber eats also gives you an option to share your personal invite code with friends to earn credits.  You need to select profile icon at the bottom of the main screen, tap ‘Free Food’ from the menu to view your invite code.  When your friend orders his/her first meal with ‘Uber eats’, your account instantly receives Uber credits.  The amount of Uber credits for a referral will vary by city.

You cannot apply ‘Uber eats’ discounts on Uber rides.  ‘Uber eats’ discounts are for ‘Uber eats’ orders only.  The discount is valid in ‘Uber eats’ cities that have the same currency.  The discount is invalid if you travel to a country that has a different currency.

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