Most Romantic International Honeymoon Destinations

Getting married is a major milestone for two people in love and marks a new beginning for their lives. The one thing that newlyweds can’t help but look forward to is a dreamy and romantic honeymoon destination and that too in the perfect setting, to celebrate their love and togetherness and also to wear off the exhaustion and weariness that is almost inevitable after all the craziness, chaos and stress of the preparations and the rituals.

Choosing the perfect place to spend your honeymoon might not be as challenging and tough as choosing your life partner, but it has always been a difficult task. These choices include the destination of every type, catering to different but popular tastes of people when it comes to romantic settings for their dreamy honeymoon.

So here are the top honeymoon destination that have been picked out for their own unique experience of romance.

Things to do in Fiji islands

Things to do in Fiji islands

Located in the South Pacific and an archipelago of more than 300 islands, Fiji is rightfully called the hidden Eden of private beaches. Fiji is known for its scenic beauty and is more than just a treat for the eyes. Its luxurious, lush green private beaches with resorts provide the perfect background for some brimming, exciting romance.

At one of the most exotic Honeymoon Destination, couples can enjoy their stay here at gorgeous resorts with infinity pools, indulge in couple spas and dine in some of the finest romantic restaurants in the islands. The main points of interest include the Mamanuca islands, Mana islands, Yasawa islands, Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Wakaya island and Taveuni.

Best Trip of Rome, Italy 

Best Trip of Rome, Italy 

If you and your partner are looking for some classic romance, then Rome is undoubtedly your perfect Honeymoon Destination. Rome, with all its grandeur and romantic getaway, invites you for a classic experience of romance where love meets art and while the city romances with your eyes and taste buds, it gives you the perfect opportunity to form an irrevocable bond with your partner.

As the Italians fondly say, the city teaches you to live, love and eat! So devour your taste buds and eyes with delectable food and sights with your partner. The famous Vatican chapels and museums quench your thirst for a classic cultural experience. Explore the Roman countryside on a horseback and get lost in this city, for only when you are lost in Rome, you truly are in Rome.

Iceland Travel

Iceland Travel

The “land of fire and ice” made famous by Game of thrones may not be the first place that comes to mind as a honeymoon destination, but this beautiful island is perfect for the adventurous couples who are looking for some fun filled adventures in some of the most breathtakingly beautiful locations. Icelandic cuisine is fresh and focuses on seafood. Iceland is having a moment with all its scenic wonders coming to the spotlight.

Couples can engage in a number of activities like hiking, horseback riding and ice climbing. Also, chase the surreal, serene and intoxicating view of the northern lights with your partner in the perfect setting for an adventurous romance. Road tripping in Iceland is also a very good option.

Greece Vacation Packages

Greece Vacation Packages

The white and blue destination awaits the newlyweds with utter enthusiasm to offer them a fairy tale like experience. Greece is an alluring Balkan nation in the southeast of Europe. Its natural beauty and beautiful architecture makes it a popular honeymoon destination.

Clear waters, sandy beaches, romantic resorts and pleasant climate, Greece is perfect for your honeymoon. As you explore the popular beaches of Greece riding a cruise, pour yourself and your partner a glass of bubbly, catch the breathtaking view of the sun slipping past a volcano, you could not help but agree that Greece was the best thing that happened to you.

Places to Visit in Morocco

Places to Visit in Morocco

This Honeymoon Destination is for those who want it all. From the mighty mountains to the deserts and beaches, you get it all in Morocco. The royal destination of Morocco offers you a royal romantic experience wherein you can fantasise a honeymoon in the deserts with the most beautiful sunsets to the most surprising springs. Morocco’s diverse topography includes beaches along the north Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea and the Sahara desert in the south and a mountainous region of snow-capped mountains of the Atlas mountains.

Here you can witness sunsets, camel trekking and star gazing at the immensely romantic Sahara with your partner. Walk through the souks of Morocco and fly over Marrakech in a hot air balloon. Enjoy romantic dinners in rooftop restaurants to complete the experience with a culinary dream.

 It’s Better In The Bahamas


Set in the heart of the Atlantic ocean, one can be assured to devour a thoroughly romantic honeymoon. From the popular Nassau island to the extravagant Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas is one place that feels like a medley of romance, elegance and sophistication. The sun-kissed beaches with a shimmering coastline provide seclusion in abundance to provide you with the perfect Honeymoon Destination getaway after all the hullabaloo of the wedding.

You can enjoy the exotic Bahamas honeymoon resorts, romantic beachside restaurants, world-class diving sites and assuredly a dazzling nightlife. Beaches and secluded islands are the best things about the Bahamas. The beaches at Nassau with their clear turquoise waters, dining by the beach at Arawak Cay and duty-free shopping at the Nassau market are the major attractions.

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