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One of the most important aspects of a mobile phone that we take into consideration is the megapixels of the camera and its pixel size for a better picture quality. There has been a race among manufacturers to launch the highest megapixel camera phone in the last few years. A good camera phone is a must- have feature that everyone wants in smartphones while buying them. The number of megapixels is one of the indicators of a good camera quality and thus quite important that we are aware of the number of megapixels the camera of a phone boasts of. 

Looking at the range of smart phones on offer might make you wonder if these many megapixels are good enough or which of these is the highest megapixel camera phone. But before we try to answer those questions, let us get to know what a megapixel is and how does it improve a camera’s quality. A megapixel (MP) is equal to one million pixels. The word is made up of the two words picture and element. Each pixel captures light and turns it into data. The data from the pixels recreates the image that has been clicked. visit us to See best mobile phone Deals 

Having more megapixels exclusively does not necessarily guarantee a better picture quality as other aspects like the pixel size also matter. But there is no doubt that greater the pixels, better the picture. Also, having more pixels ensures the quality of the picture remains even if you crop it. The highest megapixel camera phone was released by Nokia in 2012 with a jaw dropping 41 megapixels. Nokia’s 808 Pure View smartphone, with a 41 megapixel camera is the highest megapixel camera phone yet. Nokia massively raised the stakes with its Pure View 808, a Symbian smart phone with a 41 megapixel camera phone. The sensor was just under an inch in size. It was also equipped with an f/2.4 Carl Zeiss prime lens, a great mechanical shutter with a dedicated button and digital zooming that was quite useful with that resolution. best camera phone See More Here 

Sony recently unveiled a smartphone camera sensor of 48 megapixels. Smartphone cameras have steadily gained megapixels over the years. The low light performance of the Nokia Pure View 808 was spectacular. Huawei’s P20 Pro has 40 megapixel triple camera. Sony Xperia XZ3 could arrive with a 48 MP rear camera. These smart phones are indicating their quality of the camera through the amount of megapixels and the size of those pixels. 

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