Plan Your Adventure With These 5 Amazing Places in India

Adventure sports destinations are one of the best places to spend your time in. If you are planning for a holiday but you are confused that which places should be on your map list, then we are here to help you out. We have listed some places that would be best for your holiday. In India, there is no doubt, a number of great places that you can go to but we will list some of the bests.

1. Hanuman Tibba in Himachal Pradesh (Climbing and Heli-Skiing)

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Cool places are always one of the most attractive places that people like to visit for their holidays every once in a while. So this place is no different than that. You have many different activities to do here to please your adventure sports spirit. This is a pyramid peak that has a rise of 5940m. You can enjoy climbing and amazing Heli-skiing here, and let me tell you the view from up it is gorgeous.

2. Munnar, Kerala (Trekking, Bicycle)

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This is another place to spend your amazing time here and wake up your adventurous spirit activities such as Trekking, Bicycling, and my favorite thing here is blue hood camping. You also get to enjoy a great bonfire and make camps in great areas that are found along the way. The best things that you will visualize here are Rose Garden, Mattupetti Dam, Water Falls, Kundala Lakes. All the best places combined, this place is one of the most adventure sports places that you will ever visit.

3. Meghalaya – Explore the caves

Adventure sports

How about getting into the depth of the caves to explore what’s inside! This is probably a nice adventure sports place for you to get inside. There are more than 1200 caves that cover an area of 3 km. Once you get inside of these caves you will see some ancient murals, and your legs will be water-soaked to the knee height.

4. Mysore – Skydiving

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Have you ever imagined jumping from a height of 10,000 feet above from the ground. Here is the place where you get the chance to try this experience. Just get skydiving suit and hold your breath and then jump off from the plane. Can you imagine that feeling and the view that you will get to see from up there? I think you should give it a try.

5. Periyar National Park in Kerala – Bamboo Rafting

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Here is another experience that is worth planning. You get to experience the nature to a great extent with this bamboo rafting; you see amazing landscapes, wild animals, birds and not to forget the delicious food that you will be served when you finally return to your camp. So this can also be a nice adventure sports place for you if you want to spend your time with nature. check offer

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