Plan Your Honeymoon with These Beautiful Places in Singapore

Singapore is considered to be the most modern city in southeast Asia. And many people target Singapore as their one of the best honeymoon destinations. Singapore has lots of festivals that are celebrated throughout the year which makes this country even more attracting for couples to plan their honeymoon visit. Singapore is also famous for its luxurious hotels and hospitality. Although there is a tropical weather that is found in Singapore, you will still find all the places in Singapore airconditioned.

Here are the places that are often considered as one of the best honeymoon destinations in Singapore:

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia

honeymoon destinationThis is a very nice hotel with very beautiful views from its windows.  Imagine a silent room with ballad music playing and the beautiful looks outside your window. This can be one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Also, the rooms in this hotel are designed very nicely, there is a bathtub in the bathroom which is very relaxing. Going to this hotel can be very memorable for sure.

Peony Jade, Clarke Quay

Give me a reason why would you not go to this beautiful restaurant to have your dinner. This place offers a buffet system, so you can eat as much as you want. The food that is offered here is fresh and very well cooked. Also, you have the options to get private rooms for your dinner so that no one disturbs you while you spend your quality time with your loved one. Isn’t it one of the perfect honeymoon destinations? Yes, it is.  Also, you get a long list of menu to let you find yours and your loved one’s favorite dish at this place.

Sugarhall Bar & Grill

honeymoon destination

Are you and your loved one looking to have your favorite drink at a bar? Then this place is perfect for you and your loved one. You will love enjoying your favorite drink here with the perfect music that plays all day to make the mood of different people. You will be surprised by the enthusiasm that you will get here by the service of the bartenders here and music of this place. And there are chances that you may mark this place as your favorite honeymoon destinations place.


honeymoon destination

This hotel is the favorite of many people and therefore we also recommend that you visit this place and check what is so different about this place. This hotel will offer you neat and clean rooms with amazing food and lounges that are available here. Yes, you heard that right. It has a lounge that offers great cocktail all the time.

Les Amis, Orchard Road

honeymoon destination

Do you like French food? If your answer is yes, then this restaurant is for you. This great restaurant offers delicious French food and amazing wine collection. You get different menus with different wine pairings to suit your dinner perfectly. Out of all the honeymoon destinations mentioned here, this is surely a different one.

Fort Canning Park

This place is known for the beautiful gardens so if you are a nature lover then you must visit this beautiful place and you can take long walks here. You will see that it is a very shady space covered by lots of trees. Also, there is a spice garden in which you can see the pepper trees, coriander trees, etc.

Tanjong Beach

honeymoon destination

This is a very relaxing beach that you can plan to go with your loved one. You can enjoy getting in the water and have a glass of wine and enjoy the breeze of this place. Also, you can get really awesome food here that you will remember for a long time. Many people consider this place in their honeymoon destinations list.

Changi Beach

Changi Beach.jpgThis is another great beach that you can plan for your honeymoon destinations list. There is a bet for this place that you will have to take membership of this place and then you can enjoy coming to this relaxing place. Also, the food and drinks that are available here are priced very reasonably.

Heavenly Spa

honeymoon destination
This is indeed a heavenly spa where you will love visiting. This spa offers its services in a royal style. You will love how the people of this place are engaged with delivering their best services to you.


honeymoon destination
This spa lets you get away from your daily busy work and release all your stress here with a very relaxing massage. You will find rooms of this spa very clean and luxurious where you will have the best environment to relax. Isn’t this one of the best honeymoon destinations?

Iggy’s, Orchard Road

honeymoon destination
This is a great restaurant where you can spend your beautiful evening with your loved one and make it memorable forever. The best part of this restaurant is that it offers two different menus, in which, one is of high priced and the other one has reasonably priced food. Also, you will be surprised by the delicious food that is available even at such a reasonable price. You will also enjoy the desserts that are available at this restaurant. Once you visit this place, you will always want to return at this place again and again. Also, later you can add this place to your one of the best honeymoon destinations list.

Capella Singapore

honeymoon destination
A very beautiful place that offers you dining hall, pool, and ice-lolly. You will be presented with a welcome fruit basket and the overall experience of this place will be just worth giving.  Give this place a try.

Botanic Gardens

honeymoon destination
If you and your loved one are in the mood of going to some other place than hotels, then this place is probably worth a try. You would find enough number of flora and fauna trees here and well-maintained paths to take long walks and get mesmerized with the beauty of this place and companion of your loved one. Also, it is free of charge and welcomes everyone.

Bukit Batok Town Park

honeymoon destination
You can visit this place and take a walk and indulge in the deep talks with your loved one here. This place offers a very quiet environment where you will love roaming around and taking fantastic pictures. This park has so many trees that even in summer days you will feel a very fresh breeze here. 

Jewel Box at Faber Park

honeymoon destination
The best part of this place is the view that you get from this restaurant. A great view with delicious food is just the perfect recipe for one of the best honeymoon destinations. We really recommend that you visit this place and enjoy the full view of the city and delicious meal.Visit Here

Exotic Places For Your Romantic Holiday in Singapore

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