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Running is an important task of many people’s lives to be physically fit. For them, it is equally an important task to find the best comfortable fitting shoes for their running purpose. We know which running shoes for men are the best that are available on the market and we would like to share with you the list of shoes that will suit you the best for running.

Followings is a list of best running shoes for men 2018:


Nike is a very famous brand across the world for the quality of shoes that it offers. It is an American multinational company and almost all the countries consider Nike to one of the best running shoes for men.

Here is a shoe from Nike:

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

running shoes for men

These shoes are the best Nike running shoes for the following reasons:

Light and Fast – These shoes are built to be felt very lightweight and therefore letting you achieve your best speed possible and yet not letting you feel any weight. Also, these shoes have been made with breathable properties so that your foot gets enough of air to breathe.

Comfortable: While being lightweight, these shoes are comfortable at the same time. Offering you a top-quality feel of the material that these shoes are made of.  

Responsive: There is a zoom air cushioning mechanism that has been applied in these shoes to let you feel the response from the shoes that returns some energy by itself while you put your full efforts in running on your track. This makes these shoes one of the best running shoes for men offered today on the market.

Flexibility and Traction – The sole of these shoes is said to be ultra-flexible that bends according to the direction that you want to turn in speed. Also, these shoes offer a very nice grip on the ground. Be it watery surfaces or grass, you will have the best grip.  

Check here more details about Nike shoes.


Adidas shoe is another great brand that is also a multinational company which actually offers many products with its brand name such as t-shirts, tracksuits, sports shoes, running shoes for men, etc. It is considered the largest sports shoes maker in Europe and second largest in the world. With such a huge brand name, you can expect a great running experience with these shoes.

Here is a shoe from Adidas that can be perfect for you:

Alphabounce Low – Shoes

running shoes for men

This is another great running shoes for men that you can get with a great quality material. This shoe has a specially engineered mesh upper that is very lightweight and is covered with a breathable skin. This way, you can get a very comfortable and supportive fit of this shoe. Also, there is a forged mesh upper design which is said to offer a stretchable experience so that you can get a perfect fit according to your foot size. Like the Nike shoe, this shoe has also got a rubber outsole which offers a nice grip on all types of surfaces. Overall this is a very nice shoe to offer comfort and a nice running experience.


Reebok is a very great brand that is known for making products that are meant for comfort and fitness that includes shoes, clothes, accessories, training equipment, etc.


running shoes for men

This shoe is a full package that offers performance, comfort, perfect fit, and the Reebok’s latest evolution of Nano training. If you are one of the people who are intense on running on tracks or even off the tracks, like jogging in the morning on roads, we would recommend you to try out these pair of shoes. Moreover, these shoes come with a multi-surface outsole that is always ready to adapt to the type of activity that you do wearing these shoes.


Puma is famous for offering nice casual shoes and great athletic shoes. They are very famous when talking about casual shoes but if you try out the sports and running shoes for men, you would know PUMA is great at sports shoes too.

Hybrid Rocket Runner Men’s Running Shoes

running shoes for men

These are running shoes for men designed to offer a very great experience of running, if not same as Nike or Adidas. There are different features given in these shoes such as a Hybrid factor that makes sure that enough energy is ignited with the foam that returns some extra power. The NRGY factor of PUMA that offers great foam midsole to offer nice superior cushion heel. The sole of these shoes offers a stabilised locking of the heel that ensures you run with awesome grip. There is a cat logo given at the sides of these shoes that look very fancy.

Brooks Ghost

Brooks ghost is also one of the nice running shoes for men. While they may not be very famous in every corner of the world, but a lot of people prefer Brooks Ghost shoes for their running purpose. Also, these shoes look quite cool in terms of the design that they offer.

Brooks Ghost 11

These shoes are new offerings from Brooks ghost that offer responsive, breathable, good traction performance. You will be glad by how good these shoes actually are. So, you can give these shoes a try as they are good enough.

So, this was a complete list of some of the best running shoes for men that you can get on the market.

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