Savour Chocolate Desserts With Your Loved Ones With The Swiggy Signature Desserts In Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore

Chocolate is an essential part of our life! at least I think so.  The ones who are indulged in savouring chocolates from morning to evening may refine their taste by ordering any of the desserts delivered by Swiggy.  Some of them are the ones to die for.  Mentioned below are some of the chocolate Swiggy Signature Desserts that you can relish:


Cocoberry’s Love Coco Frozen Dessert


If one says that there is a chocolate that is similar to margarine, sweet and refined in taste, embellished with and appreciated for its finesse.  When in Delhi, it’s a must have dessert through Swiggy.

Available in small, medium, and large sizes with a price range starting from ₹ 104 on Swiggy POP

Decadenz’s Limited Edition Classic Dark Chocolate Fudge Jar

Dark Chocolate
Savour the original dark Belgian chocolate in Delhi’s Decadenz.  Made from home grown ingredients, the taste of this dessert is effective enough to make anyone infatuated.

Price starts from ₹ 209 on Swiggy POP


Vanilla Bean’s Oreo Pie

Vanilla Bean
What an oreo pie it is!  The true essence of chocolate with oreo might discourage someone not to order the same, but the ones who know or anyone who wants to sample the taste may savour it by ordering it on Swiggy.

Price starts from ₹ 320 on Swiggy POP

Guilt’s Trip Chocolate Fantasy

Chocolate Fantasy
This is the kind of chocolate dessert that will make you regret if you do not taste it.  The structure and appearance is such that the same can entrap anyone in its charm.  One need not any excuse to savour this chocolate.

Price starts from ₹ 100 on Swiggy POP


Karachi Bakery’s Mud Chocolate Jar

Karachi Bakery
Make yourself ready to dive into the depths of indulgence with the chocolate disguised as mud, but tastes as fine as something exemplary.  The chocolate as fine as sponge with sprinkled hazelnuts, Belgian choco chips, and honey is a must to order.

Price starts from ₹ 150 for a jar

The Thickshake Factory’s Spicy Chocolate Thickshake

Thickshake Spicy Chocolate Thickshake
Spice in chocolate!  What?!  Yes, never heard of it, but you can savour the same with red hot chilli and a cold chocolate in a glass.

Price starts from V ₹ 149 on Swiggy POP


The Thickshake Factory’s Swiggy Shake

The Thickshake Swiggy Shake
You have to believe that the Swiggy Shake available at The Thickshake Factory is one of the chocolate desserts that is made to sense perfection in taste.  Try it if you want to refine your senses.

Price starts from ₹ 204 on Swiggy Pop

XO Belgian Waffle’s Nutty XOcolate

XO Belgian Waffle's Nutty XOcolate
Indulge yourself in the divine taste of chocolate.  Layered with Nutella and salted cream cheese spread and topped off with nuts and brownie crumbles.

Price starts from ₹ 175 on Swiggy POP

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