Some Places to Make Your Seychelles Package The Best

Seychelles is a place with lots of attraction to get a lot of tourists roaming here. You also should know how well you can plan your Seychelles package. So, how should you start your tour to Seychelles? Here we are providing you with some useful information about how you can plan your Seychelles tourism.

Following are some places to make your Seychelles Package the best:

Coco Island

Coco Island

What can be the best thing other than Seychelles islands? The best part is to go to this island and try out the snorkeling at the place. You would simply love this small island between Felicite and Grande Soeur with some small motor boats available. Also, people may occasionally encounter small sepia, tortoise, rays and even sharks!



This is another place where you can find to do a lot of things. One of the highlights of the place is swimming and snorkeling. Also, there is coastal cruising that is available at this place. Probably a worth place to complete your Seychelles package.

Angel Tours Pty LTD

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This is another fun thing that you can do after you start your Seychelles package. You must check out this great package to enjoy creole barbecue, lots of other delicious food. Also, the best thing is that you can rent a villa near the beach so to get one of the best views. What else you can get? Grilled barracuda, chicken, salads, and much more. The place is just worth going to if you are foody and yet you want some really interesting trip.

Mission Lodge Lookout

mission lodge 4 mahe

This is another historical spot that you can visit in your Seychelles tourism. Seychelles people would be telling you a lot about this small place. Also, there are very great mountain views that you can get from the Morne National park. Once you reach the top of this area, you would get to see a very beautiful view from there of islands. There would be ruins that you can check out and know about their history with the help of guides available at the place.

Clock Tower

Clock Island

Clocktower is a landmark that you can visit and get some more knowledge of the history of the place. Also, this clock tower is very old and yet very greatly engineered keeping in mind the environment of the tower. The tower is very beautiful and it is located at the middle of the street to be seen by almost all of the traffic at the place. It was inaugurated back in 1903 as a memorial to Queen Victoria. So, it would really be fun to visit this place as well and take some really beautiful pictures at the place.

Tempio Hindu

Tempio Hindu

If you are looking for some cultural place, then this is probably the place that you should visit. This is the place where a lot of Hindu festivals are celebrated. Also, the temple is very colorful and yet a great tourist attraction that you can check out. Moreover, people call this temple as the heart of Victoria. So, you should really check this place out for the great Seychelles package.

Curieuse Island

Curieuse Island

This is a place for the purpose of offering you great environment and big tortoise. You would love the area as there you would find some really giant tortoise with who you can also take pictures. You would also be able to take history lessons at the Doctor’s house that is there. The place would also have a lot of mouth-watering food to complete your experience of being here. Also, there are mangrove forest, and lots of granite rocks to take awesome pictures at the place.

Morne Blanc

Morne Blanc

Here is a place that offers some natural environment. You can get here for an immense experience of roaming here and getting to the top and have a smashing view of west coasts. There is a lot to climb so you should be prepared in advance to do a lot of physical activity here. This place would surely complete your Seychelles package to the best.

Seychelles: A Hidden Paradise to Have Mushy Moments Together

“Another World”….there can be nothing more true about Seychelles than this official motto of Seychelles. Seychelles is a beautiful archipelago consisting of 115 islands of the Indian Ocean. The place is a paradise on earth and there would be no exaggeration to say that being in Seychelles is actually being out of this world. No wonder why Seychelles tourism is growing by leaps and bounds.

This giant archipelago is a home to a number of beaches, nature reserves, coral reefs and exotic animals like giant Aldabra tortoises. Seychelles islands are much more than just sea, sun, sand and beaches. Those who are planning a trip to the exotic island of Seychelles can expect to have a whale of time. Officially known as the Republic of Seychelles, the island has been attracting people from all across the atlas. Seychelles tourism is thriving owing to the pristine beauty of the beaches there that display multiple shades of blue.

Most of the islands in the Seychelles are not inhabited and are famous for having the best beaches in the world. Those who plan to schedule a trip to this paradise on earth and exploring Seychelles tourism for the same should not miss visiting these top 7 places in Seychelles.

Mahe’ Island

Mahe’ is the largest island of the archipelago and one of the frequented places in the Seychelles. It boasts of highest mountain ranges, 65 beaches and a large variety of fauna and flora. The island is also well-known for the Beau Vallon beach and there are a number of tourist attractions in the Victoria city of Seychelles which is the tiniest capital cities of the world. Mahe’ island is the reason why Seychelles tourism has been flourishing.

Praslin Island

Also known as Isle de Palme and enlisted by UNESCO as a World’s Heritage Site, Praslin Island is another place which you should not miss. Coco de mer also grow in abundance here and it is also a home to Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio which are the two most coveted and beautiful beaches in the world. It is also an important part of Seychelles tourism. This is one the favorite stop of the honeymooning couples and the place is considered to be one of the most beautiful on Earth.

The stunning beaches, lush jungles, emerald waters of the Island have made Parslin Island insanely gorgeous and an indispensible part of Seychelles tourism. Honeymooning couples should make sure to pack their snorkeling gear when they are in this isle. Anse Consolation, Anse Georgette, Anse Lazio, Anse Volbert and Cote d’Or Beach are the most important beaches of the Praslin Island.

La Digue Island

This beautiful boutique island is known for its granite boulders. These boulders adorn the stunning beaches like Anse Source D’Argent. The island is known not only for its beauty but for its authentic stand-style accommodations and the conventional modes of transportation like bicycles or ox-carts. Not only this, the island is a crucial part of Seychelles tourism. It is a nesting ground for a number of endangered and exotic species of animals and birds. The island is known for its calm and shallow water (accessible only by foot) where the couples in love can walk hand and hand.

Cousine Island

In the clear tropical waters of the Indian Ocean about 1,000 miles away from the mainland of Africa is a hidden paradise for newly married couples called Cousine Island. Cousine. This little explored and stunningly beautiful island is no lesser than a world of fantasy. Adorned completely with the lush palm trees and exotic vegetation, the pristine beauty of Cousine Island is a jewel of Seychelles tourism and among the few romantic holidays destination where miracle of nature truly thrives.

Aride Island

This flagship island of Seychelles is the largest Nature Reserve of the beautiful granitic islands where seabirds of over 40 different species breed. One of the main attractions of the Seychelles tourism, Aride Island is an abode of Wright’s Gardenia, reptiles and nesting hawksbill turtles and a rich marine ecosystem. The island is the most natural and least explored Seychelles islands. The main attraction of this island is its exotic fauna and the island has the world’s most important Nature reserves.

This is an isle with a small population and the mushy wooden plantation abodes are a must try for the couples who look for unique things like this in their honeymoon. The untouched and unspoilt Nature, the rare bird species, the marine flora among so many other features give couples the much desired impetus to choose Aride Isle for being together.

In short, Seychelles tourism is flourishing owing to the pristine beauty of this archipelago and a lot of fun-filled actives to be done. There can be no parallel drawn between the beauty of Seychelles and other islands. Visiting here is a great experience for the newly married couples brimming with mushy feelings. Sharing the magical ambiance of Seychelles with a special someone is a heavenly experience.

Apart from that, Seychelles climate is most ideal for round the year travel. The hot honeymooning destination has a tropical climate all through the year and it is safer as it is located in a hurricane-free zone. It is not prone to abrupt monsoon and does not have extreme weather conditions. The best season to enjoy diving is between March to May and September to November. Seychelles tourism is blessed with such amazingly beautiful island.

Seychelles tourism is friendly and no-visas or inoculations for Malaria or similar diseases are presently not required by the people holding South-African passports. Travelers should be assured that their passports remain valid for a period of six months beginning from the return date. If you are looking forward to spend the most memorable moments with your life partner, choose Seychelles which is a Nature’s wonder in a true sense.

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