The Best (EVER!) Hotels in The World

George Bernard Shaw had rightly remarked-“The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life.” The importance of a good hotel experience never be emphasized enough when it comes to travel. Creating and maintaining a good hotel is indeed an art apart and finding those good hotels is still considered to be a monumental achievement in the books of travel. So if wanderlust has you tightly in its grip, and you are planning to globe trot in the next few months, then we have made your job much easier as we are about to tell you about the best hotels in the world! They are the cream of the crop of the newest places to stay all over the globe, spanning across the whole world and they are undoubtedly worth building a trip around.

Exceptional locations, the room designs, the food and activities – everything has been taken into consideration while compiling this list of the best hotels in the world and we are sure that nothing will disappoint you when you visit these heavenly abodes of hospitality and luxury.

From Urban delights to island idylls, wilderness outposts to gastronomic heavens, here are the outrageously best hotels in the world for you to visit and experience the true essence of hospitality.

Burgenstock Resort, Lake Lucerne, Switzerland 

Best Hotels in The World

Seeing the newly opened Burgenstock resort in Switzerland reminds you of a long forgotten celebrity making a grand comeback and has been successful in placing itself in one of the best hotels in the world. It is located in the Burgensberf mountain ridge standing 500m above Lake Lucerne and due to the idyllic lake-and-mountain setting there is no shortage of activities all around the year. The real luxury here is the view.

Whether it is the small Deluxe room or the Royal Suite that occupies the entire top floor, all come with a panoramic view across Lake Lucerne. The Wow factor is undoubtedly the lightning fast elevator that takes you from near the resort’s hotels to the top of the world.

Villa La Coste, Provence


The Telegraph has called it the ‘Europe’s most exciting hotels’ and it could easily top the list of the best hotels in the world. It’s not just a hotel but a repository of astonishing sculpture and architecture. Surrounded by 600 acres of woodland, organic vineyards, olive groves and lavender fields, it truly is an “art farm” of sorts. There’s a state of the art winery- designed by Jean Nouvel and a cafe along with three restaurants on the property.

Set high on a hill, the hotel building is a mild structure of honey coloured stone. The interior is done in shades of white that has successfully helped to capture the scenic beauty more effectively. The Michelin starred Louison Restaurant, enclosed in glass and set in a garden, is almost surreal, making dining an invaluable artistic experience.

IL Serno Lago DI Como, Italy


This is perhaps the most stylish new place to stay in all of Europe. Built by the owners of LE SERENO in Saint Barthelemy, it’s on the edge of a cliff in a quiet and secluded COMO town called Torno, set on the south western corner of the glamorous, horseshoe shaped lake. This is Lake Como for the next generation.

There are custom pieces everywhere here. Milan based designer Patricia Urquiola has delivered the Milan touch in its each and every design. No trip to Como is complete without zipping around the lake, in a gleaming all-wood motorboat and IL SERENO has two of them, with extra large cabins. Iit is indeed the most serene place for sundowners in all of Como and you can sit on the hotel’s main terrace, lined with plush clothes and nest chairs in ivory and wood tones. There’s an infinity pool suspended over the lake, a Michelin starred restaurant, a Valmont spa and a small, sandy beach.

The Silo Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town’s new SILO HOTEL has certainly made a big impact. It has been constructed with a concrete grain silo in a hard working port, eighty exhibition spaces have been carved out of the 42 cylindrical silos, anchored by a cathedral like central atrium, floodlit from above by a glass roof. The Silo is truly an unbridled exuberance wherein each room presents royal luxury with a vibrant display of colourful silks.

It is one of the most spectacular contemporary hotels in the world. The whimsical suites are like magical beehives with spectacular views of the Table Mountains and the Victoria and Albert Waterfront. Complement your stay here with a sunset on the rooftop bar and be truly bemused.

BVLGARI Hotel And Resorts, Dubai


Just offshore, on Jumeira Bay island, the Bvlgari combines the tranquillity and privacy of a low rise, sand- in – your toes hotel with Dubai’s rearing skyline. The sunny property is a true ‘urban oasis’ for visitors and residents alike. Charming with a Mediterranean feel, the complex features the resort, six residential buildings with 173 sea facing apartments, 15 private mansions and a Marina and Yacht club.

It offers a full range of amenities and the guests can enjoy the 1, 700 square meter spa with hammam, indoor pool, fitness centre, beauty salon with a traditional barbershop and hairdresser. Surrounded by lush gardens with Mediterranean vegetation, the resort blends traditional architecture with complementary Italian architecture and the result is a treat for your eyes.

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