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UAE is a very great country and girls of UAE are also very conscious of their makeup. They are always up to date with all the makeup trends around the world. Fashion is something that keeps changing with time and preferences. People get bored with their old style and then they try something new.

Here we are listing the new makeup trends 2018 that are being followed in the UAE these days.

Pout with Shiny Lips

Makeup trends 2018

In these days, it is very trending that girls of UAE flaunt pout with their shiny lips. Previously girls rather preferred to keep their lips natural without any cosmetic, then they decided to use lipsticks, then they figured out that they cannot always keep the lipstick on so, they started using the lip balms all day, but now is the trend when they want something different in their style language. So, pout with shiny lips is trending these days.


Makeup trends 2018

Girls of UAE are trying glitter in a different way these days. They now apply it on the upside of their eyes. This actually looks one of the best makeup trends 2018 as they previously used the glitter to put on their cheeks. Now they like to flaunt the magic of their eyes, UAE women want their eyes to become more of mesmerizing than ever before by using glitter.

Flaunt the Natural

Makeup trends 2018

Girls these days like to go natural, flaunt their natural beauty without any of the cosmetic products. This is even a nice trend to follow and pocket-friendly at the same time. Out of all the beauties that are found in this world, nature is considered to be the most beautiful. This trend is being greatly followed by the women of the UAE.

Pink Love

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Nowadays, women of UAE are loving the pink more and making it one of the most loved makeup trends 2018. There used to be a time long ago when the pink color was in trend, but that trend went away for some time. But now the trend is coming back again and this time UAE women are making this one of the most followed 2018 cosmetic trends.

Black Graphic Liner

Makeup trends 2018


Women these days are experimenting with their eyeliners and they have found great designs to try as their makeups. Above is the image that shows how greatly the eyeliners can be used. It is also not so expensive, as you must be already having lots of eyeliners lying on your dressing table. All you have to do is to check some great designs online that are makeup trends 2018 and try them out on your own makeup.

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