Ways To Get Your Walmart Product Shipped For Free

Walmart is considered the largest retailer in the world and its main uniqueness is that it provides a lot of discounts. It is a convenience store that is available everywhere in the world. With the availability of about all the products in the world, this store has gained a lot of popularity.

While some people out there sitting and trying to find ways to minimize their expense even more by getting the products shipped for free, these are the ways how you can also get rid of the shipping charges very easily and lower the bill amount of your shopping.

Keep your minimum bill amount $35

Walmart Shipped

Walmart has introduced this plan for around two million products. So, if you place an order equal to or more than $35, then you will not have to pay shipping charges. But there is a condition in this plan, that the product that you purchased of more than $35 will be shipped to you in 2 days if you want the free shipping option, otherwise, you will have to bear the shipping charges if you want your product to be delivered to you faster than 2 days. Do keep in mind that not all products are eligible for this option. So, you better check for this option before you place your order from Walmart.

Get the products which offer 3-5 days delivery including qualified products

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If you place an order for the products which have a tag of 3-5 days delivery and if they are eligible for the free delivery and cost above $35, then you can save your shipping charges very easily. Do keep in mind that all products that are above $35 are not eligible for the free shipment option. So, you must check before you place the order.

Pickup from the store yourself

place Walmart

If you want a better option than the above options, then you can simply place an order online and decide a time slot that when you want the product and get to the store and pick up your product by yourself. The people of Walmart will even help you load the items that you bought from them to your vehicle.

Or wait for a future or occasional plan

shopping Walmart

If you do not want the above options, then you should wait for a special offer that may be announced on occasions such as some sort of sale.
These were some of the ways how you can get your shipment free of cost and enjoy your shopping from Walmart to the best possible experience.

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