Top 6 Tips For Long Lasting Wedding Makeup

Whether you are planning for your wedding or you are far away from walking down to the aisle. You should know, everyone is going to have an opinion about the makeup you are going to wear. We are not suggesting you listen to any of those opinions. But we recommend you to take some advice from wedding makeup artists because they are the ones who have experience that matters.

Every bride deserves to look flawless on their wedding day, whether they are enlisting professionals or going for DIY bridal makeup. Weddings are not just about one day, so start planning early and don’t be afraid to indulge when getting your beauty strategy in order. Every bride looks for the best long lasting wedding makeup. Make sure to check the worldwide trending makeup ideas to select the best wedding look for you.

Long lasting wedding makeup tips that no one is going to tell you

  • Start with Skincare

If you want long lasting, flawless bridal makeup on your wedding day, you will need to start preparing well before. Getting regular facial masks makes big difference in your skin’s texture and helps you to prepare your skin for the best base of makeup. Schedule monthly treatments, at least three, that will illuminate your complexation. Skip facial extraction a month before to prevent any last-minute irritation. 

  • Schedule a trial makeup (or two)

Consult with a few different makeup artists to find someone who understands your style and also inform you about some wedding makeup tips.
Pro Tip: Let the makeup artist teach you on one side of your face and try yourself on the other side of the face so that the makeup artist can advise you about wedding makeup tips and any techniques you are unaware of.

  • Avoid SPF more than 50

No doubt about it, you should definitely wear SPF every single day. But you should never use any product that contains more than SPF 50. These products may backfire your skin. To keep your skin safest, avoid high SPF sunscreen. For the best protection, cover face with a dark cloth, hat, or sunglasses. Make sure your moisturizer and concealer don’t have this too.

  • Use waterproof beauty products

Even if you are sure you are not going to cry, it’s best to do it safely with waterproof beauty products. Water resistant beauty products are best for every season either it is winter or summer, it will give you long-lasting makeup. Make sure not to use waterproof beauty products that contain silicone as it might cause skin irritation, breakouts, and even allergic reactions.

  • Aim for looking like yourself

Do not take the all makeup over you, aim for the only required makeup to look just like yourself. Your wedding day is not a time for experiments, so don’t try additional makeup rather than the makeup you used in trail makeup.

  • Prefer glowy skin over shiny

Shiny skin looks ethereal but you will surely don’t want a strobe light effect across your face in photos. To maintain the glow of skin and avoid shiny skin, use translucent powder across the forehead, sides of nose, and on the chin. Apply a soft and shimmery highlighter across your cheekbones.  

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