What to Expect this Coming Fashion Week of Paris

Paris fashion week is a very big and famous presentation in which a lot of models come and show up their unique fashionables. This is usually known as a fashion parade that was firstly held in Paris. In this fashion week, different fashion designers show their collection. This fashion show is famous in the whole world and people come from different countries just to watch this presentation.

The best part of this show is that it is conducted many times throughout the year. So that all types of fashion trends can be presented to the world. This is what makes this Paris fashion week so special and famous. The next date of this fashion week is 25 September 2018 and it will continue till 3 October 2018.

Following are the trends that you can expect in this coming Paris Fashion week:

The Fashion of 80’s

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While there are many fashion trends going on across the world, the 80’s fashion is just the new one that is trending in these days. And the best part is that a lot of participants are coming ahead and trying their best to bring back their days of fashion. You must have heard of the saying that elders inspire us the most, and this is a no different story where the old aged women come on the stage and teach the youth how to flaunt your style in a traditional way. And these ways of traditional fashion are grabbing the attention of many.

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent is another great fashion style that you can expect to see this coming Paris fashion week. This style is famous for blurring the line between the genders and letting the girls try partial outlooks of men like – shirts or pants or a formal tie.   

Boyish Look

Boyish Look

Apart from all other styles that are still trending, a boyish look is among the newest of the Paris fashion week styles that you will surely enjoy watching. Also, the girls will be going crazy to participate in this type of fashion style.


nature fashion

Nature is the most beautiful out of all the styles that you can ever imagine. Also, this is going to be trending in the coming Paris fashion week. So, stay tuned to get a great experience of fashion week that is just a few days away from now.

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